Bad patch error in Windows 7, Dell Optiplex 780

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I got the exact same error after power supply failed Mid January 2018Replaced the power supply on the Dell Optiplex 780, running Windows 7 32 bit.I repaired, I tried to restore, everything, went to command prompt, chkdsk, sfc, wouldn't work, regedit did but nothing I was looking was in there. Nothing would work said the drive was locked, tested the Seagate drive with seatools. Drive was fine. Resolved to get another drive, reinstall, copy files over and for some reason went into the BIOS. The drive settings were for RAID, which made no sense as there is only one drive, decided to go legacy, ignored all the warnings because I had nothing to lose and the freaking thing booted up fine.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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if you have nothing to loose.(save your datas on extern disk)
1. Go to BIOS, note on paper the actual parameters. After you reinitialyse the BIOS with the command "Reset by default". Verify the changes with your note. If it seems correct
2. reinstall windows... So you can begin with a good, stable installation, It is the shortest solution

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