How can you stop a redirecting virus on Android in Google Chrome?

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Sometimes we notice google search engine getting redirected to some unwanted search engines and some sticky ads such as “alert! your device under risk, click this to fix your device now etc”. Third party apps installation can lead to this kind of virus but don’t worry this issue can be fixed in an android device by below methods;
So we will share 2 easy methods by which you can fix this irritative problem in a very simple way.

By Clearing Cache and Data Of Browser
If your browser redirects you from Google to unusual search engines then you can fix it by clearing the data of that browser. Just go to downloads section in the google chrome and check whether you have downloaded any files recently. If you find any untrusted files in your download section delete them immediately they might be infected by malware virus.

  • Go to the setting of your mobile phone
    Select installed applications option or application manager
    find google chrome and click on it
    First of all, force stop it ( to end its process ) and after you done that just clear all the data and cache of the browser including your browsing history.
    Restart your device

This easy solution would probably work if it doesn’t we have another solution for you;

Uninstalling recently installed app
If the above method didn’t show any changes to the behavior of your browser then you could try this method of uninstalling the recent app. Sometimes it’s not a virus but its just an automated ad that opens every time you open your browser or when you unlock your cell phone. So how could you fix it?

  • Go to setting and find application manager option or installed apps option
    in that option look for the recently installed app or see if there is an app with a blank name (only you will see the size of application you won’t be able to see the name of the application)
    Uninstall the app if you find any

Boom! you’re done! Now your problem would vanish away within few seconds by this method. Also, you can try an antivirus application to find out the vulnerability and fix it but makes sure it’s a trusted one.

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