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Miele Complete C3 Vs. Shark HV322: Which One is Better for You?

Miele Complete C3 Marin and Shark HV322 are both popular vacuum names on the market Best vacuum cleaners in the world with high sales numbers. Not being made for the same market segment, they bear many differences. But what are exactly those? Let's find out right now.


Miele Complete C3

Type: bagged canister vacuum

Dimensions: 11.2 x 19.5 x 8.9 inches

Weight: 11-12 pounds

HEPA filter: yes

Power cord length: 22 feet

LED lights: yes

Shark Rocket Deluxe Ultra-light Corded stick vacuum

Type: bagless stick vacuum

Dimensions: 10.2 x 13 x 47.5 inches

Weight: 8 pounds

HEPA filter: no

Power cord length: 25 feet

LED lights: no

Design and Usability:

Miele Complete C3

At the moment you take any version of the Complete C3 out of the box, it will give you a feeling that you can put it into action as soon as possible. With a solid build and metal tubes, the Complete C3 is ready for any workload or abuse, especially serious cleaning tasks.

The tubes have a telescopic style, combining the notched ratchet system and firm clip. They bring the ability to clean different floor levels or even the ceilings of your house with great comfort. This is made possible thanks to the height adjustment with multiple settings in a wide range. Those jobs also become less tricky with the help of the flexible and long hose, whose handle has a curve design for ergonomics reasons. Along it is the suction release button.

For the primary floor head, Miele uses the all-in-one Allteq model, which has a tilt neck and pivot. Its larger rear roller also enables a greater level of maneuverability while the footswitch helps drop the bristles down on hardwood floors. The hose, tube, and entire cleaning head can be packed into the upright position thanks to the clip on the neck design, which you can slot into the sides of the main machine.

The 22-foot power cord is another great help. It's not the longest version on the market, but still enough for typical residential cleaning, contributing to the overall cleaning radius of 36 feet. Being a high-end product, Miele does not forget to include the auto-rewind feature for the cord.

Between different versions of the Complete C3 lineup, the weights are from 11 to 12 pounds - significantly light for premium vacuum cleaners.

Shark HV322

Shark has gone all-in with the lightweight of the NV322, especially in their marketing campaign and the name of the product itself. With a weight at just 8 pounds, the HV322 is an incredibly maneuverable and light vacuum cleaner for home-usage.

This lightweight is not just for the sake of boasting - it's a game-changer for many cleaning situations. With the HV322, you won't be struggling with your ceiling when it gets dirty anymore. And thanks to the ability to transform into a handheld vacuum, you can now get rid of dust from your raised surfaces, stairs, cars, and furniture easily without the inconvenience of a bulky machine.

The slender, tall size means that this Shark ultra-light vacuum can stay comfortably in your broom cupboard or closet. Or you can choose to hang it up on the wall if you want with the wall-mounting ability.

In the default mode, it's already a slim vacuum. The HV322 can reach underneath tight spaces, corners, and furniture with the handy wand. But unfortunately, unlike the Complete C3 series, it does not come with any LED lights on the cleaning head. So you may need to find a way to illuminate the cleaning area by yourself. Otherwise, you may miss hidden debris in those dark places.

On the other hand, the brush head does provide the swivel steering technology, enabling you to do continuous passes across your floors and carpets. This will catch all the debris along the way automatically without getting stuck into obstacles.

The long 25-foot power cord brings another real benefit since the need to change power outlets now occurs less often.

In addition to the handheld mode, more types of surfaces are enabled thanks to the adjustable speed of the brush roller, which has two levels for different types of floors in your house. When you want to have a gentle, quick clean of your hardwood floors, pick the lighter speed setting. But if your cloth furniture or carpets need a thorough clean, the deep penetration mode will get the job done with great results.

The relatively small wheels enable smooth movements on hard surfaces but may make it a little bit harder for you while cleaning on carpeted floors or surfaces with bumps, lumps, crannies, and nooks. But the vacuum still follows you on those floors since the HV322 will slide over them easily thanks to the flat base.

You don't need to worry about damaging your furniture when maneuvering your vacuum at high-speed. The bumper strip on the machine's body ensures that no scratch and crack will happen.

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Miele Complete C3

Generally, you can expect decent performances when it comes to hardwood floors with the Miele Complete C3 Marin canister vacuum cleaner. But it's not a surprise if you encounter mixed results on your floors either.

The powerful suction will make sure that no dirt particles get left behind, but at the same time, the front nylon bristles row may push the debris further in the front of the machine, reducing the effectiveness. The tilting neck, which is supposed to help you reach more corners, may prevent you from lifting the cleaning head to collect those parts. As a result, some particles may get dragged back by the bristles after each sweep.

Shark HV32

The power suction is a strong point of this Shark vacuum cleaner. It can get rid of the dirt on whatever floor you have. On textured and carpet surfaces, it can clean the muck, bringing you a thoroughly deep clean. And on hardwood floors, the brush roll delivers good results.

The good news is that when you utilize its handheld mode to vacuum the ceiling or any other raised surface, nothing will impact the suction performance.

Pros and Cons:

Miele Complete C3


· Powerful engine

· Versatile with various tools

· Great maneuverability with the swivel steering

· HEPA filter to remove more allergens


· Expensive

· Not bagless

Shark HV322


· Ultra-lightweight

· Versatile: have a handheld mode

· Great maneuverability with the swivel steering

· Long power cord

· Deep cleaning with a strong suction power


· No HEPA filter

· Loud operation

Our Verdict

Complete C3, with its high price tags, is a German premium canister lineup from Miele with top-notch features and performances.

The variety of different versions enables more choices for you, depending on your cleaning needs. The sturdy build and strong suction bring good results, and if you buy a packed version, it can cover most types of surfaces you may have. But on the other hand, the cost of replacement bags may add up over time, which is a huge headache for many customers.

Meanwhile, Shark HV322 is a product on the affordable side. With a stick design and handheld mode, this lightweight vacuum is versatile enough so you can even clean the ceilings in your house with the same performance. But people with allergic conditions may not like this product due to the lack of a HEPA filter.

Both of them are great vacuums for different situations. So which one do you prefer ? You will know How to choose vacuum cleaner for your family.

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