realplayer no longer reads and converts .flv files

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I'm on Mac OS X and for some time I have a problem with realplayer. When I want to take a video on youtube, realplayer downloader activates, and the download proceeds normally. But when I want to read it, there is only a simple black screen and when I want to convert it to mp3 they mark me "framecompressor M: error-50"
can someone help me? I am a pretty desperate.


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If you can not play an audio or video file on Mac

You may need to use different software to open older or specialized media files.

Apple apps such as QuickTime Player, Photos, and Keynote work with many types of audio and video formats. Although some apps favor specific formats, QuickTime video (.mov) files, most MPEG files (.mp4, .m4v, .m4a, .mp3, .mpg), some AVI and WAV files and many other formats are generally compatible with most apps, without the need for additional software.

Some older or specialized media file formats may not be compatible with your app, as these formats require specific software to support them. In such a case, your app will fail to open the file or play the sound or video.
Find an app compatible with your file

You may have already installed an app that supports the format of your file. If you do not know which app to use from those installed on your computer, your Mac may suggest one:

Press the Control key (or right-click) on the file in the Finder.
Select Open With from the pop-up menu that opens. A submenu should open, listing all other installed apps that should support this file on your Mac.

If none of your installed apps open the file, search the Internet or the Mac App Store for apps that can read or convert the file. Indicate these elements in your search:

The name of the multimedia format. If you do not know the format name, select the file and press Command-I to open the Information window. The format can be indicated after Type, for example "Type: Matroska video file".
The file extension, which is the letters at the end of the file name, such as .avi, .wmv, or .mkv.

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