« Photo database » et « Apple tv photodatabase » lors transfert de photos de iPhone vers PC

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Have the best video watching experience with SnapTube!

Storing YouTube videos to watch offline is a growing demand nowadays. SnapTube, a new and powerful video downloader app, can fulfill this objective for users.

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Downloading videos and audio files through a third-party service is such a complicated issue because of many reasons.
For example, the ads which constantly display might make you feel extremely annoyed, along with the complex installation process.
One thing that many people complain about is that these apps usually require them to install other apps in order for the original app to operate properly. However, some apps cannot work when it comes to popular sites like Vimeo or YouTube.
In contrast, SnapTube represents an audio and video downloading app which has resolved all of the mentioned issues. Even though it is impossible to download SnapTube from Google Play, you can still possess it through UC or Opera Store.
In addition, users can download the APK file from its official introduction page.

Outstanding Features

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Here is a summary of the most important features of SnapTube:
It is totally free, and it promises not to display an ad while you are using
The videos are classified into many different categories so that you can easily look for them
You are able to play, stop and pause downloading the videos
Provide users with a built-in converter, thus there is no need to install any other extra application
Offer a built-in video and audio player in which you can play the audio and video files that you have already downloaded
Look for your favorite videos using your chosen keywords and type in the search bar
Support a wide variety of websites, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and so on
Let users gain access to a lot of different options in terms of resolutions, quality, and video format before you start to download
The quality is not different from the online version since you can download the highest quality available as long as your mobile can adapt to it
Bookmark desired or favorite videos and channels which enables you to search for these elements effortlessly

How to Download SnapTube

As I have already noted in the previous part, it is extremely easy to download SnapTube. There are only three fundamental steps that you have to go through to do that.
Step 1: Launch one of your Internet browsers. Then, open Google and enter the keyword “SnapTube download APK” in the search bar. After that, click the first link in the result.
Step 2: There is an available option which the button “Download”. You can start downloading its APK file by tapping on this word.
Step 3: At the moment, wait until the APK file finishes downloading. After that, you should open the download folder to install this file right on your Android device.

The Verdict

In conclusion, it is undeniable that SnapTube is a reliable and high-quality solution to video downloads. Even though it is completely free, its quality really deserves positive feedbacks and compliments.

URL: https://Apkafe.com

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Es-tu sur PC (Windows) ou sur Mac ?
Alors un ordinateur peut donner l'impression qu'il dispose d'une intelligence mais ce n'est qu'une machine et donc si ton dossier(et non fichier) "image" est vide et que dedans on y retrouve 2 fichiers renommés, c'est que TU en as donné l'ordre (à l'insu de ton plein gré [:D] c'est possible) . Il faut donc faire appel à tes souvenirs pour déterminer si tu n'as pas utilisé un logiciel comme Photos (Mac) ou AppleTV pour classer tes photos ou créer des albums etc... dans l'affirmative, il faut donc peut être utiliser ces logiciels pour retrouver tes photos qui auraient été converties ou compressées en fichiers bizarres. Souviens toi de tes dernières actions !
Visitez mon Site Google est mon ami, il répond mieux que moi, posez lui d'abord vos questions

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