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Things to Consider When Choosing Upholstered Platform Bed with Headboard Storage

The popularity of upholstered platform beds with headboards has increased over time. If you are a person who loves watching or browsing before bed, this is the ultimate backrest bed for you. Many upholstered beds with headboards come with a special fabric to enable you to create the look you want in your bedroom.
With that said, there are many things to consider when purchasing an upholstered bed with headboard storage. Some of these factors include preference, size, fabric, and storage space. Below are some of the things to look at when shopping for this type of bed. Read more https://platformbedexpert.com/best-king-size-platform-bed-reviews/

1) The size

The most important thing to consider when choosing the height of the headboard is the height of the user. Most platform beds come with a headboard of 40 to 40 inches in height. However, you will still find headboards of up to 60 inches. Therefore, if you are tall or have an extra-large mattress, you can go for a tall upholstered bed with a headboard.

To get the most suitable height for you, measure the height from the floor to the top of the mattress. After that, go ahead and measure the height from your waist to the top of your head. If you are purchasing an upholstered bed with a headboard for your children, then you don’t need one with a tall headboard.

2) Consider the Fabric

Here, you have to consider your taste as well as the look of your room. If you have kids or pets around your bedroom, variegated weaves will camouflage dirt. Alternatively, you can go for microfiber fabrics or leather, and the two materials can withstand wear and tear and are both easy to clean. All you need is detergent and a soft piece of cloth.

A linen weave, on the other hand, will add a touch of luxe and give your bedroom a modern look. When choosing the fabric of your upholstered platform bed with headboard, it is essential to consider your surrounding as well as how you want your room to look. Ensure that the color of your fabric of choice for your upholstered bed goes well with the general outlook of your bedroom.

3) Distinctive Detail

Some headboards come with tutting to help in decorator detail. Tufted platform beds include a button, panel tufting, and grid. While tufting adds style to the bedroom, you will require occasional vacuuming to keep fabric crevices clean. Compared to other headboards, tufted headboards are a little bit thicker and are great when it comes to comfort.

Also, if you have a small bedroom, a tufted platform bed is a good option for you. Upholstered platform beds with curved or shaped headboards break up the rectangular grid of the bed. Such a style also adds softness to the bed hence increasing its comfortability. Keep in mind that the mattress foundation is the focal point of the bedroom. Read more https://platformbedexpert.com/essential-things-to-know-about-california-king-platform-bed/

4) Care

How often you will need to clean the upholstered platform bed with headboard should also play a massive role in your decision. You will need a vacuum with a soft brush or just a handheld vacuum. If more severe cleaning materials are required, it will mean an additional cost for you. The easiest upholstered platform bed to clean is that which is made of leather. All you need is detergent and soft cleaning material.
When you talk about care, we are also looking at the cost of maintenance. Consider the availability and the price of the material used in case the bed breaks down. You should not find yourself in a situation where you have to import repair materials.

5) Comfort and Style

When you are shopping for an upholstered platform bed with a headboard, comfort, and style play a huge role. One thing that this type of platform bed assures you is comfort. It adds a feeling of softness to the bedroom. If you are the type of person who reads or watches before bed, an upholstered bed with a headboard is a perfect piece of furniture for you. Also, an upholstered platform bed with a headboard changes the look of your bedroom.

6) Size of The Storage Facility

Here, you have to look at the things you are looking to store in comparison to the storage space of the platform bed. You can go with an upholstered bed with storage shelves or one with storage space beneath the bed. If you are looking to store small valuable items, an upholstered platform bed with shelves suits you.
However, if you are looking to store large items such as bags, an upholstered bed with storage space beneath the bed suits you, also, when looking at the storage space of any platform bed, the height of the foundation plays a significant role. A tall bed is likely to have more storage space than a low-profile platform bed

7) Budget

While all these other factors mentioned above are essential, the amount of money you are willing to spend will play a significant role in determining the type of upholstered platform bed with storage you will take home. Even though you will always find a platform bed within your budget, ensure that you purchase a quality upholstered platform bed.

Remember, you are purchasing furniture that will stay with you for ages. Therefore, do not limit your budget too much in the name of saving money. Otherwise, you might end up taking home a low-quality upholstered platform bed with storage that will break down a few months after use.


As the focal point of your bedroom, the type of bed you choose says a lot about you. Unlike any other furniture, the foundation has the power to set the tone of your bedroom. There is a perfect bed with the of doing precisely that than an upholstered platform bed with a headboard with storage. Also, a headboard speaks whatever you set it to say.

If you are more polished and more straightforward, you will go with neutral designs; however, if you are more of pop and color, you will go with a flashy headboard that shouts immediately you get into the bedroom. However, since you are looking for a combination of upholstered, headboard, and storage, you must find a way of balancing all these factors. Also, check out king size platform bed frame if you are looking for the best solution for your bedroom decor.

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